Rajasthan: Deputy Commission delivers baby on her day off

Rajasthan: Deputy Commission delivers baby on her day off

In a Jharkhand town where both the state and the central government are in dispute over providing public health services, a Deputy Commissioner delivered her baby by giving birth in a government hospital in the city.


Confirming the development on Friday, Raghunath Pandey, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, said he was surprised to hear about the incident.

The incident took place on February 19, when Dwarka Deputy Commissioner Renu Nagpuri informed the Deputy Commissioner, Jamshedpur, to record the incident since she was going to her maternal uncle’s house in the locality.

He immediately arranged a bus service to the village for her to reach the government hospital by 3 pm. While the situation was calm, a midwife informed Nagpuri that her brother-in-law, in his early thirties, was in labour. As per rule, Nagpuri, who was not in her office at the time, should have given consent for her to deliver in a private hospital, but she did not have time as her senior, Assistant Commissioner (Administration), had already ordered for a round of the hospital for the deputy commissioner.

Meanwhile, Nagpuri tried to call her brother-in-law but there was no connection. It was when Nagpuri’s uncle came to know that there was a crisis, that he rushed to the hospital and informed the officials.

Raju Sambital, Superintendent of Health Services, was at the hospital when two doctors delivered the baby.

Raghunath Pandey said his ministry’s policy of keeping an eye on the citizen satisfaction does not permit the issue of deaths and deaths that she might have dealt with as Deputy Commissioner be put in public domain.

Jamshedpur DM K Nagpal was not available for comment.


The health ministry had taken over the management of hospitals in some of the districts following a ban imposed by the Centre in May 2013. Now, in some districts like Jamshedpur, departments are managing hospitals under the control of the Union Health Ministry.

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