Actions at accident-prone spot ‘ignored’: Relatives seek action

Actions at accident-prone spot ‘ignored’: Relatives seek action

Delhi Criminal Court The deceased boy.

Delhi Criminal Court

The relatives of a 14-year-old minor boy, who died after being detained by the police in a bloodied body at an accident-prone junction in South Delhi on October 30, 2012, on Friday submitted before District Judge Anuja Prabhudessai that post-mortem photos and videos had been “ignored”. According to police, before his arrest on suspicion of stealing a mobile phone, the boy was hit by a speeding Metro car near Sundar Park and ran down by a bus on AIIMS road. Onlookers at the spot reported his missing, and police initially picked up a second suspect, also 14. This suspect was also later released on bail. The incident, the police argued, was initially presented as an accident.

However, the boy’s family claimed that his “left arm was dislocated, his face was swollen and he had bruises all over his body, including his chest and spine”. His mother’s plea said: “There were stains of blood on his left shoe and blood-like liquid on his leg, feet and calves, all wounds and abrasions were not disclosed by the police. We did not believe the claims and the clothes he was wearing did not look ragged.”

The boy’s mother stated that all “help” came from the police, but none of the injuries could be “explained”. “They kept him detained at Civil Lines police station for more than four hours despite knowing he was injured and bleeding. During interrogation, none of the police officials confirmed that blood stains were found on him. A police officer had claimed that the blood stains could have been caused by the driver of a private bus,” the application said. “The mother was asked to change the clothes her son wore to further delay the case and fix the blame on another individual. The complainant did not even provide the cause of death.”

The police opposed the application, stating that the boy was taken to Safdarjung Hospital for the post-mortem. “The boy was bundled and taken along with a girl to Safdarjung Hospital. He was not seen with any girl and was kept alone with another girl. A blood stain was found on the male and female palms and the theory of a different person being involved is not possible,” the police said.

The police, the application said, even refused to show the pictures to the complainant. “The instant case must be investigated by competent authority. The aggrieved family of minor complainant has failed to provide any incontrovertible evidence to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt,” the police told the court.

The court then issued notices to police, two court-appointed medical officers and two state government doctors. “The copies of these documents must be presented before the matter, so that a proper medical report may be obtained and the cause of death placed before the court,” the judge said. A post-mortem was conducted on the boy on November 21, 2012.

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